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Small Brokers Compete for Big Business

How can small brokers compete and win big business? Winning means not just gaining new accounts, but also profitably meeting customers’ increasing needs. Scaling to meet bigger challenges can stretch any organization, so we must then ask: How can small brokers scale to meet the requirements of big business?

Armed with advanced cloud technology, not only can the small broker compete and match the capabilities of the larger broker at a competitive price, but also be that strategic partner, providing the extra, ongoing, superior customer relationship smaller brokers are known for.

The Single Platform Option in Transportation Systems

Today, a cloud-based TMS solution consists either of components that are woven together, or is a single-platform solution. We define a single platform as one that includes all the functions required by the user, across the whole process, without having to integrate separate components via a ‘consulting project.’ The single platform is inherently data-centric. This is an ideal state; but certainly, there are a few players whose goal is to provide it.

A single-platform approach becomes an important option for someone considering a technology purchase. In this article we want to differentiate a single-platform TMS from other offerings, delve into what this option is, and why it is important.

Embedded Analytics

The imperative falls to you to determine the value of good performance and to implement a resulting decision or reward structure. Embedded Analytics (EA) makes the connection from KPIs to future decisions.

Transportation’s Perfect Storm – the Sequel!

Since 2005, the original best practices remain, some have been enhanced, and the list has grown. This is an excellent time to revisit what we said six years ago, to examine what’s new, and to determine the best way to actualize these practices in your company.

Transportation Management Systems: Meeting the Challenges and Obtaining Results

A new research paper offering insight into the freight transportation needs and concerns of shippers.

International Transportation: Optimize Cost and Service in a Global Market

An in-depth look from Aberdeen Group into process, procedure, methodologies, and technologies with best practice identification and actionable recommendations.