MercuryGate TMS supports inbound and outbound shipment planning, optimization and execution. Some of the key functions it will handle for your organization include:

Manage carriers & rates

Quickly load all carrier information in one place. Maintain contact and insurance information, manage contracts, and define service areas. Easily procure bids and convert winning bids from carriers to contracts and set up reusable templates. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’re operational and realizing big savings.  Learn more.

One of the main reasons we decided to go with MercuryGate many years ago was their ability to adapt to our business as it changed. MercuryGate is a flexible, reliable tool.

- Celestica, Logistics Director

Optimize loads with Mojo

Find the most cost effective way to move your freight – both international and domestic, and across all modes. Mojo points out every possible opportunity to consolidate shipments and minimize miles, costs, and CO2 emissions. It then sends the loads to the TMS for rating and tendering. Imagine that – a software tool that saves you money and makes you “green” at the same time. There is more information about Mojo in the Products section.  Click here to read more about transportation optimization.

Select carrier – Ship freight

Be confident in your carrier selection regardless of mode, and based on rate, service, and/or route guide. Identify carriers by reviewing similar, past loads, by carrier service area, or by preferred lanes and capacity. Post loads on public bid boards electronically and remove them once the load is covered. Tender loads to be selected carriers one at a time or automatically, it’s your choice. If you have small package freight you can use the TMS to plan and execute those shipments along with your other modes.

Manage your inbound freight by posting Purchase Orders on your vendor portals to determine inbound carrier compliance. Optimize across multiple vendors into multiple facilities to minimize transportation spend. Managing inbound freight has never been easier, and allows for greater visibility of inbound SKUs.

Track shipments

Shipments across all transportation modes can be tracked by any known reference value – right down to the item level – so you don’t have to maintain a complex cross-reference table for your users. Responsible parties can enter status information several ways – including an automated EDI process – and the information is then used to create reports on in-process shipments and carrier performance. You can also elect to view real-time exception reports so you’ll always have your finger on the pulse of your shipments.  Learn more.

Settle loads and allocate costs

When the carrier sends you a freight invoice, the enterprise TMS will match it against the rated shipment definition. If there’s a match, the invoice can be automatically sent to your accounts payable system for payment. If it doesn’t match, you’ll see the differences and be able to resolve them. Fees can be allocated to cost centers at the individual line item level and shared costs can be allocated based on a method of your choosing (# of items, mileage, weight, etc).  Learn more.

Connect to carriers, suppliers and customers

To ensure project success, MercuryGate TMS connects all companies that you share information with. Organizations that can send and receive EDI messages are easily integrated to the TMS, which maps inbound messages and manages the communications process so that data can flow seamlessly between you and those companies. Those entities that aren’t EDI capable can use email or the TMS web portal tool to exchange information with you. They can receive load tenders, send ship notices, and view reports with no additional infrastructure (or costs) on either side.  Learn more.

Provide transportation intelligence

With a single end-to-end global transportation management system in place, you can create operational reporting, such as day-to-day shipment management, exception reports and audit reports. Leverage operational, tactical and strategic information in real time – night or day. Have reports automatically sent to you or click to view current data at any time. With summary reports, you can drill into categories of interest to explore the details. Downloading any report to a spreadsheet for further analysis is a simple one-click process. The options for reporting are as varied as your imagination, but easily implemented. Learn more.

Implementation flexibility

MercuryGate TMS is easily configured to fit your business processes. The workflow engine within the application adjusts so you can continue to use proven practices for your enterprise. By integrating the enterprise TMS with your other core applications, data flows in accordance to the guidelines you’ve established for your company. Choose the best deployment method for your company by selecting from a hosted service (SaaS) or a fully-deployed onsite application. Either way you do it, you’ll have the most robust, end-to-end transportation management system available on today’s market.

All of these functions may be supported by a robust, configurable workflow management tool. This enables our shipper customers to set up and control complex shipment processes as well as implement recognized best practices across the organization.   Learn more.