MercuryGate TMS has Built-in Brilliance

Available at no additional cost to MercuryGate clients, MercuryEdge pulls data from the client’s transportation network and merges it with data from other sources to provide data analysis. Commonly used for spend management, profitability control, and carrier metrics, MercuryEdge analyzes and manages transportation operations from the top down.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Today’s supply chain professionals need world-class solutions to compete in today’s global business environment. Designed specifically for the transportation industry, MercuryEdge empowers users and supports crucial business decisions by leveraging best-of-breed technology. MercuryGate TMS users can efficiently plan for capacity allocation, assess and manage risk factors, forecast profit, and predict trends with one elite tool: MercuryEdge.

Analyze Transportation Data

Every event, transaction, and user interaction in your transportation process is stored in MercuryGate TMS and is eligible for MercuryEdge analysis. MercuryEdge has immediate access to every field in the TMS and can also import data from outside sources (e.g. WMS, accounting systems).

While MercuryGate TMS meets operational and tactical reporting requirements, MercuryEdge gives logistics analysts a powerful tool for scrutinizing TMS data and transforming it into valuable knowledge. Analysts are presented with a familiar interface, easy-to-use functions, and wizards for rapidly analyzing and manipulating data. Integrated graphing and statistical tools produce reports required for today’s sophisticated, technology-savvy world.

Navigate. Quick-access menu to your data.


Analyze. A variety of ready-made analysis tools.
Sort. After populating data, the user can add, delete, toggle, and filter.
Chart. Transform complex data into customizable illustrations and graphs.

MercuryEdge Capabilities

The scope and range of business intelligence MercuryEdge provides is truly extensive. Some commonly used features:

  • Merge data from multiple sources
    • Data can be pulled from all MercuryGate TMS tools as well as external sources
  • Automate calculations
    • Determine commissions, cost savings, and over-payments
  • Create instant info graphics
    • Export data to create charts, graphs, and tables
  • Analyze
    • Profitability analysis
    • Shipment analysis
    • Commission analysis
    • Carrier analysis
    • Manage margins and profitability
  • Monitor Carrier Data Quality
    • Timeliness, accuracy, and completeness
    • Tender accept / reject ratios
    • Claims and freight bill accuracy
    • Overall carrier score
  • Reporting
    • Monitor shipment processing time
    • Verify and monitor carrier updates
    • Audit carrier performance standards
    • Validate shipment rates

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