MercuryGate TMS’ control tower visibility gives top down and bottom up end-to-end shipment visibility and analytics of multimodal, multi-leg shipments for all trading partners. The control tower feature captures data operationally from various parties and centralizes management capability while continuously monitoring all event statuses.

This door-to-door transportation visibility is the MercuryGate Golden Thread. It helps clients determine where their goods are located within the transportation chain. Another level of visibility within MercuryGate TMS provides insight to nested goods. This “Russian doll” concept keeps track of items placed in boxes stacked on skids located in a container. Combined with the location of the goods in the Golden Thread, the Russian doll allows users to see the location of detailed SKUs (down to serial numbers) and dynamically change routes based on the business needs. Available decision support and operational tool, the Golden Thread enables rapid, often automated, real-time response to changes in shipment status and customer demand.

The information gathered throughout this process provides the data necessary for rich analytics and sophisticated event management and reporting.



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