Embedded Analytics at Three Levels

Because so many decisions are impacted by dynamic performance metrics in multiple categories, traditional data analysis tools don’t always provide a complete picture. Using embedded analytics – which examine existing data as operational decisions are made –MercuryGate enterprise TMS automatically applies the most current and relevant data to the operational decision process at three levels. At the point of inquiry, users execute real time queries against their data to locate answers to specific questions. At the point of decision, users are presented with relevant data necessary to make decisions impacting the next step in the process. MercuryGate TMS can also automatically make in-process adjustments based on preconfigured criteria.


Examples of MercuryGate TMS Embedded Analytics


Below are examples of how MercuryGate TMS clients use Embedded Analytics to improve transportation management performance and reduce costs:

  • Increase/decrease the number of loads offered to carriers based on historical availability, superior acceptance percentage, and on-time performance (and within the limits of your volume incentive agreements)
  • Allocate premium appointment slots to the carriers that habitually demonstrate the best on-time performance so that your facilities operate smoothly during peak periods
  • Give preferential treatment to the best carriers or trading partners, and reward them with expedited payment to influence load acceptance and on-time performance
  • Utilize load/unload and historical transit times to validate appointment duration and current trip time between appointments


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