Touchpad devices have found their way into everyday life in unimaginable ways. MercuryGate’s enterprise TMS users can access reports and maps from their touchpad devices using MercuryTouch. Using the now-familiar finger touch interface of touch pads, MercuryGate TMS users can view real time data from their transportation operations.

Executive Dashboard

The ultimate information dashboard, MercuryTouch features a high-resolution display for easy viewing of charts, reports and maps in stunning clarity. All reports are just a touch-click away. Touch the item on the menu for the desired information it will be instantly updated and displayed in real time. Dashboards can be easily configured, and all reports created in the TMS can be part of the MercuryTouch dashboard.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your transportation processes, no matter where you are.


One Size Fits All

Because touchpad devices come in a variety of sizes, MercuryTouch automatically adjusts to displays of all sizes –regardless of the hardware and operating system that you are using.

Common Uses for MercuryTouch

Because MercuryTouch can display any report from MercuryGate TMS, the possibilities are limitless!  The screen shots below illustrate just a few of the ways MercuryGate clients use MercuryTouch.

Key performance metrics charts


Activity Reports



Shipments on an interactive map


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