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MercuryGate TMS Mobile

With MercuryGate’s TMS Mobile application, logistics professionals can be on the leading frontier of SaaS solutions: mobile apps. Although MercuryGate’s entire TMS could be run on a smart phone, the app is focused on the primary capabilities that are of most interest to mobile users. With a sleek, fast, and simple interface, the MercuryGate TMS Mobile application allows users to manage their transportation while away from their desk!

Transportation Management – On the Go!

Using only their fingertips, users can now rate shop, view reports, track shipments, update statuses, and much more. No longer is a mouse, keyboard, computer, and monitor required to keep goods moving and your information up to date.


Use MercuryGate’s cutting edge mobility solution to be competitive at all times. Impress clients and the outpace competition with speed, accuracy, and data reliability that is available from virtually anywhere.

  • Rate shop
  • Report
  • Track status
  • Call checks
  • Live driver updates
  • Signature capture/POD

Rate Shop. Simple input fields yield fast results.

Summary and Detailed Rating Options.

Real-time Call Checks. Drivers or dock workers can easily update a load status.

Instant Updates. A load’s status becomes instantly updated.

Synchronization with MercuryGate TMS. When a user updates a load status using TMS Mobile, that update is automatically visible in the standard TMS.

On-Demand Reporting. View a variety of reports and metrics with ease.

Metrics & Graphs. Your data is Illustrated with easy-to-read graphs, all from the touch of your finger.

Instant Proof of Delivery. No more having to wait overnight for a POD to get scanned and uploaded by back-office personnel.

Quick and convenient access to all TMS configured sections

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