Door to Door Intermodal Service Spot Purchase, now Available from Within MercuryGate TMS!


View Capacity, Rate and Book directly from TMS*

Norfolk Southern’s Thoroughbred Direct intermodal service( TDIS) offers a comprehensive spectrum of supply chain services to tackle complex distribution challenges. 3PLs and freight brokers benefit from easy access to the door-to-door intermodal services from within their transportation management system The integration enables MercuryGate customers to quickly see rates, book capacity and tender shipments. Customers benefit from the service which enables end-to-end management of multi-leg shipments, all the way to delivery with real time tack and trace capabilities.

Modal X is Norfolk Southern’s spot buy freight booking for TDIS. It allows for same day pickup or booking upto 6 days in advance. Modal X also provides competitive “Book Now” pricing. Access to Modal-X for spot buying is available now to all MercuryGate clients who provide 3PL and freight brokerage services. Once contracted with Norfolk Southern for access to Thoroughbred Direct Intermodal service, rates and capacity are made visible through the load rating screen within the TMS and can be booked directly from within the application. Clients can tender loads electronically and monitor shipments with real time status tracking and on time statistics.


  • The process to use the Modal-X integration is the same!
  • Start with ‘Add Intermodal Move’ from the ezClick Route Portlet



  • Rates are available for Same Day and the Next 6 days!
  • Select the date and rate that works for your Customer
  • Hit Save Selected Rates to book/reserve the capacity for 4 hours


  • Once in the Load Details, the user can see the confirmation number of the rate and capacity
  • Thoroughbred Direct holds the Rate and Capacity for four hours, giving the user time to send over the rate confirmation




  • Upon completion of the Send Carrier Confirmation Activity, within the four hour planned time, the load is tendered to Thoroughbred Direct, completing the process



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